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Hiking in Playland

On my daily walk this morning, I thought an excellent way to keep it up was to have an easily achievable goal. Then, it dawned on me that visiting a new trail per week for the balance of the year is quickly done. Thus, my goal for the remainder of 2016 is to walk 26 new trails in 26 weeks.

This morning, I walked alongside the Playland Parkway in Rye, NY, and found a trail from US95 Highway to Playland in Rye. The trail hugs the Parkway but is in the woods and very shady. Early in the morning is cool and shady, and you have the trail to yourself; at the end, you can explore Playland and the beach before finishing your walk.


I have already visited three new trails this week, so I’m on the way to achieving those 26 new trails by year’s end. The trails I saw this week were Playland Parkway, Northern County Trailways in Westchester County, and the Kensico Dam in Valhalla, NY.


UPDATE: As of Sept 27, 2016 – I have already achieved 30 new trails. My goal of 26 new trails by year-end has been accomplished ahead of schedule.

Update: 30+ new trails visited this year. I find this goal much more accessible to accomplish, meeting new people and seeing new places. What better way to stimulate the mind and the body? I plan on continuing for 2017 with a new goal of 52 new trails.

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