I was just a puppy
I traveled across the country
From Oklahoma to Connecticut
To a new family that will love me forevermore
I settled with a friend who was much older (Bertie)
My family loved me, I loved them back
The kids grew and went away
The parents stayed at home
Now I’m much older
My friend died years ago
My parents are home all the time
We mostly walk and go for rides all the time
My parents moved to another state
I now see my sister and her family
Includes a small young dog named Pablo
He chases me around – I want to sleep
My new life is peaceful now
The young pup has given me new life
He chases me around
And, I have to teach him how to behave
Reminds of many years ago, when I was young
The old dog – Bertie was just like me now
Old dog who got new life with a young puppy around
Lots of chasing and correcting, Karma has a way of paying back
I look forward to my new life and lots of treats
Lots of walks, lots of chases
Lots of naps and lots of rests
Lots of love from my family and friends